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No more guessing games

Grab the first calculator that precisely predicts your ads budget AND your results

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Finally, a way to exactly know what you need to spend to achieve the results you're looking for - without the unpleasant surprises along the way!

"How much should I spend on my ads campaigns?"

What if you could precisely predict how much money you'll need to spend on your advertising campaigns to achieve your desired results?

For my clients, students and myself, this was a GAMECHANGER!

  • No more overspending on ads that do not work!
  • ​Never ask yourself ​again: "What if I would've spent more? How many more sales would I've gotten?"
  • ​Lose the fear of scaling your campaigns!
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The Facebook™ Ads Budget Calculator will give you the confidence and peace of mind to achieve reliable and repeatable results with your advertising campaigns.

Predict Your Budget in 4 Simple Steps

Like so many things, ads are simply a numbers game. Once you set your revenue goal, you can easily reverse-engineer what you'll have to spend in order to achieve this goal. This calculator works perfect for lead generation, product launches or webinars.

Open the calculator

Upon purchase, you will get immediate access to a Google Sheet that hosts the calculator. Make a copy to your own account and let's go!

Collect your numbers

It's good advice in general, but you need to know your numbers! Don't worry, a quick search in your funnel software and ads account will give you the insights.

Enter Your numbers

The cells in this calculator are color coded and configured in a way, that you can't do anything wrong. Follow the simple instructions and you're on your way!

Get Your Results immediately

No matter, if you want to know the budget you'll need to spend or the results you're going to get - the calculator will tell you everything you want to know!

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If you are...

  • ... hesitant to run Facebook™ or Instagram™ Ads campaigns
  • ... scared you will spend too much money on your ads without getting any results
  • ​... frustrated because you should've increased the budget to scale your campaign even more
  • ​​... unsure why your campaign is not bringing you the results you expected
  • ​​... in desperate need of a confidence boost and some peace of mind

Then, the Ads Budget Calculator was made for you and your business!


What others are saying


Sarah B.

"I reached the goal number of registrants with the budget we set, which was awesome! I have 3 enrolments already and 8 calls so I have a 4x ROI! Will update you with full stats later. Thanks for your help and guidance."


Kathy G.

"Love the calculator! I really like the idea of creating sprints with defined goals in each sprint for ongoing campaigns. That's brilliant!"

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